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Welcome New Park: North Llano River RV Park

North Llano River RV Park in Junction, Texas is the perfect place to stop for guests travelling along I-10 that want a nice peaceful stay along the Llano River.

If you’re traveling west, stop here to relax and fuel up before driving through hundreds of miles of vast desert until you get to El Paso, Las Cruces or Phoenix, etc. If you’re headed East along I-10, our safe, quiet and scenic RV Park is a refreshing sight, as there are not many options for RV Parks along I-10 west of Junction.

North Llano River RV Park is located in walking distance to fast food restaurants and amazing, local BBQ and Burger joints. Located very close to a Pilot Gas Station, so you can easily get gas on your way through.

Premium RV Site

Premium pull through sites are extra large and big-rig friendly. They are FHU with 30/50 amp connections and a side patio with pergola.

South Llano River State Park - This exquisite place, surrounded by greenery, is home to several species of birds. With the beautiful river South Llano passes through it, it makes a perfect spot for picnics and camping. In addition to this, it is a great venue for people who love outdoor activities like trekking, kayaking, boating and much more. If you wanna observe bird blinds in their natural habitat, you must visit this place.


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