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Recipes from the Road


from Self Proclaimed Foodie, Krissy

One of the best parts of camping is enjoying all the food that you might not typically eat at home. Finding a good breakfast recipe to cook over the campfire can be tricky, but this tried and true Dutch baby is perfect!

A Dutch baby, also known as a German pancake, is just a very egg-y pancake. I consider the taste and texture similar to a crepe.

·    This recipe is made using a cast iron dutch oven with hot coals 

·    The wet ingredients can be mixed at home and stored in a cooler to make cooking and clean up easier when you're camping

·    The sweet dutch oven Dutch baby pancake puffs up to a beautiful golden brown and is delicious when topped with sweetened fresh berries


1.  The first step is to prepare the hot coals. A third of them are placed under the Dutch oven and the remaining two thirds of them are placed on top of the lid. Prepare the batter while the cast iron Dutch oven is heating. You will then melt an entire cube of butter in the hot Dutch oven - aw yeah.

2.  The batter is then poured on top of the hot melted butter.

3.  The piping hot lid is set on top and you will rotate the lid a quarter turn every few minutes to ensure even cooking.

4.  Those dutch oven lids are pretty darn heavy, and my super puffy pancake was actually strong enough to lift the lid right off the base! Of course, it sinks as soon as you take the lid away, but it was fun to watch at the time.


Cooking Tips:

·    Instead of cooking directly over a campfire, I like to set the dutch oven in a large disposable aluminum pan. This allows the coals to stay where you put them. Also, you won't get any additional heat from the fire, thus allowing you to have control over the exact amount of heat.

·    The best way to heat the coals is to use a charcoal chimney starter.

·    While the butter is melting, set the remaining coals on the lid off to the side. That way it is already piping hot when the lid is set on the pot.

·    Before leaving the house, combine all of the wet ingredients in a large container. Also prepare the dry ingredients in a separate container. Then, when you're ready to cook, dump the dry ingredients into the large container with the wet ingredients for an easy clean up.

·    While its cooking, you can also make all the other campers around you jealous by wafting the wonderful aroma of bacon and breakfast sausage in their direction.


You can cover this fluffy German pancake with syrup if you want. I much prefer fresh berries and some powdered sugar along with a squeeze of lemon. 

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