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Decorating Your RV for Halloween

by Wild Thornbaileys

It's that time of year, where the great debate of pumpkin spice vs apple cider plagues every coffee shop and candle store. You may be tempted to grab every festive decoration you see but I'm here to help you navigate holidays in your RV without running out of storage space (or money!)

Halloween in an RV does NOT have to be boring, the space may be smaller, but you can celebrate in BIG ways in fact with less space it's a lot easier to deck out the whole place and transform your small space into that of a scary movie! Or keep it simple using small changes to make it feel warm, cozy, and full of fall scents. Let’s dive in and take a look at all the ways Halloween and fall can be celebrated in an RV!


First of all decorating doesn't have to be expensive. The Dollar tree offers so many fall and Halloween decor. From crafts to mini pumpkins. It's a really affordable place to find great items to decorate your tiny living space. Hobby Lobby also often has fall decor on sale if you check their website to see the dates of the sale you can snag some pretty awesome items for 40-60% off!

These 3 items can completely transform a small space-

1. Garland- whether its fall leaves, or one you made yourself with felt pumpkins, garland will add the perfect accent to your festive home on wheels.

2- throw rug- An easy to roll up and store away throw rug adds the perfect touch of Halloween at the center of your living pace.

3- Pillows- Just a few accent pillows will have your place feeling festive in no time!

Hanging Decorations:

In an RV you try to refrain from using things like nails and screws, so we always go for command strips! They're easy to apply and remove without damaging the walls. Hanging fake spider webs is an extremely simple (and space saving) way to really make your space feel festive!

Where to store those decorations: Changing out pillowcases is an amazing space saving option for holidays. You can change out the pillowcase of your everyday pillows to match each holiday, then when the holiday is over, just fold them up and store them away.

Using orange decorations or sticking to a fall theme, allows the same decorations to be used for Halloween and for Thanksgiving. We like to store all of our holiday decorations in bins that have a lid, in the storage area under our bed. The bins keep it dry and safe until we need them again.


Traditions are what make holidays so much fun and memorable, and Halloween is definitely one full of traditions! You can bring the same traditions into an RV as you would in a house. Baking themed desserts while playing your favorite Halloween playlist or watching one of your favorite Halloween movies together. Finding spooky crafts or going to fall festivals. No matter the location, the tradition being kept alive will create endless memories!

Take it to the picnic table! Take crafts, decorating and pumpkin carving out to the picnic table for more space and an easier clean up!

Trick or Treating

Most campgrounds have so many amazing activities for kids and families including trick or treating around the campground. Many RVs will decorate the outside and some even decorate the inside to look like a haunted house! Being in an RV park is a favorite of ours for holidays because of all the fun and memories made.

Overall Halloween in an RV can be just as (or even more) exciting as it is in a house! Let us know if you try out any of these tips and ways you like to celebrate Halloween in YOUR RV.

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