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Ambassador Spotlight: Never Stop Adventuring

We are the Skeltons, Kevin, Christine, and kiddos Klara, Nathan, and baby Samantha, also known as Never Stop Adventuring! We have been traveling full-time in our 5th wheel for over 4.5 years while working remotely, homeschooling, and exploring the country. We love sharing the places we discover and tips and tricks as we go!

Q. What was life like before RV’ing?

A. We both worked corporate jobs and lived a pretty normal life that we were grateful for, but felt like we didn’t have the time and flexibility to be together as a family and travel like we wanted to. Looking into the future felt like seeing the same thing repeated year in and year out to come and we wanted something different. Having already lost Christine’s mom to cancer years before we knew tomorrow is never guaranteed and wanted to prioritize the people and dreams that were really important to us.

Q. What started the conversation for you to go full-time?

A. We had taken a 6-month sabbatical from work back in 2013 and RV’d the country together between moving from Northern Virginia to Denver, Colorado. This was before kids, and though we had an absolutely fantastic time we thought we’d settle down in Colorado and maybe RV again in retirement. But after having kids and thinking about how wonderful it would be to have more time with them and show them the country, we started thinking why not now? Christine already had a remote job at the time so the logistics seemed doable as well.

Q. Do you remember a “tipping point” or definitive moment that you finally decided to go full-time? What was that like, how did it happen?

A. We were living in an apartment at the time, having already downsized from a rental home in preparation to eventually hit the road. Rent prices just kept going up and up, and were about to increase again, so that was good timing for us to say no thanks and get into an RV instead!

Q. What do you do for work on the road?

A. Originally Christine continued her already remote job as a business analyst. We were very fortunate that her boss was supportive of her continuing this role from the road. This was a great arrangement for 3+ years on the road, until we decided we wanted to have even more control over our own schedules and time. Now we are working together on building Never Stop Adventuring as a content creation business that lets us combine our passions for travel and sharing what we discover and learn with others!

Q. How did you hear about Passport America?

A. It was actually Christine’s dad, who is also a full-time RVer, that told us about Passport America way back during our first 6-month RV trip. We’ve used it all over the country to save a lot on campground stays. It’s a helpful tool for reducing costs as we hope to continue traveling for many years to come!

Q. Do you have any favorite parks?

A. We absolutely loved Jellystone Park at Larkspur, which is a Passport America park in Colorado just south of Denver. It’s always great when a campground has fun amenities and activities, but this one was the best we’ve ever experienced with multiple pools and a waterpark, live music on the weekends, daily crafts, activities and programs for kids and much more!

Be sure to follow Never Stop Adventuring for more traveling adventures and fun!






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