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The Great Lakes: Summer & Fall Getaways

Planning your next summer or fall camping trip? Look no further than the Great Lakes region, where there is no shortage of nature's beauty and outdoor adventure. Whether you're an RVer, prefer traditional camping, or even want to stay in a cabin, these five campgrounds offer fantastic experiences for everyone.

1. Sun Outdoors Petoskey Bay Harbor:

Normal rate: $67 - $170

Passport America member rate: $33 - $85

Sun Outdoors Petoskey Bay Harbor

Nestled along the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan, Sun Outdoors Petoskey Bay Harbor campground offers an idyllic retreat for outdoor enthusiasts. With a range of activities like hiking, fishing, and water sports, this campground caters to adventure seekers and those who just want to relax. The stunning sunsets over the lake create a serene ambiance, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploration. Whether you're camping in an RV or staying in a cottage, this destination promises an unforgettable summer or fall getaway.

2. Harbor Town RV Resort

Normal rate: $57 - $67

Passport America Member rate: $28.50 - $33.50

Harbor Town RV Resort

For those seeking a blend of luxury and nature, Harbor Town RV Resort is a prime choice. Situated by the Great Lakes, this resort-style campground boasts top-notch facilities, from spacious RV sites to modern amenities such as pools and recreational areas. The nearby scenic trails and charming towns make it a delightful destination for summer or fall explorations. Unwind and relish the panoramic waterfront views while enjoying a memorable camping experience.

3. Sun Retreats Geneva On The Lake

Normal Rate: $64 - $163

Passport America Member rate: $32 - $81.50

Sun Retreats Geneva On The Lake

Treat yourself to a rejuvenating escape at Sun Retreats Geneva On The Lake, nestled along the shores of Lake Erie. This inviting campground offers a range of accommodations, including cozy cabins and RV sites, ensuring comfort for every traveler. As summer gives way to fall, the area transforms into a kaleidoscope of colors, inviting visitors to embrace nature's beauty through hiking and sightseeing. The nearby attractions and charming lakeside atmosphere make it an enticing destination for the entire family.

4. Camper’s Cove RV Park & Livery

Normal rate: $33 - $40

Passport America Member Rate: $16.50 - $20

Camper’s Cove RV Park & Livery

Nature enthusiasts will find paradise at Camper's Cove RV Park & Livery. Surrounded by lush greenery and nestled near the Great Lakes, this campground allows visitors to immerse themselves in nature's serenity. Enjoy a leisurely paddle along the river or embark on a hiking adventure through the scenic trails. As summer fades into fall, the surroundings are painted with warm hues, creating an enchanting backdrop for your camping escapades. It's an excellent spot to disconnect from the hustle and bustle and reconnect with nature.

5. Vagabond Resort & Campground

Normal rate: $30 - $35

Passport America Member rate: $15 - $17.50

Embrace the essence of tranquility at Vagabond Resort & Campground, located amid the natural beauty of the Great Lakes region. This family-friendly destination offers a host of amenities, including a lot of fishing, swimming, boating, and campfire gatherings, providing endless opportunities for cherished memories with loved ones. As the vibrant autumn foliage adorns the landscape, the campground becomes a picturesque canvas, making it an ideal spot to witness the beauty of the changing seasons.

Each of these campgrounds offers a unique and delightful experience, making them ideal destinations to embrace the beauty of summer and fall in the Great Lakes region. If you have any questions about these parks or anything Passport America, just click here. Happy camping and safe travels!!

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