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Member Referral Program

Want to earn MONEY while camping & traveling?

It's easy to do! We will supply you with personalized brochures printed with your ID number. Simply pass along our brochures to fellow campers and receive $10.00 (ten dollars) for everyone who joins. Plus, every Referral is an entry for a Chance to Win prizes ALL YEAR long!

When & how am I compensated?

Payment will come to you in the form of $10.00 (ten dollar) credit vouchers. These credit vouchers are applicable to your next membership renewal. To receive your fee reduction, send in the vouchers at the time of your next renewal. After the fourth referral (in One Calendar Year) joins Passport America, you will begin to receive $10.00 checks instead credit vouchers for the remainder of the year. Lifetime members will automatically receive a ten-dollar check for each referral that joins.

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