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Featured Park: Point Sebago Resort in Cacao, ME

I’m not unique for saying this, but I live for those few weeks where the leaves change but the trees haven’t fully shed them yet. That said, I want to make you aware of Point Sebago Resort in southern Maine. While nearly every part of this state is perfect for viewing the Fall changes, Point Sebago is one of my favorite Passport America parks for the beauty alone (and around the park).

Sebago Lake, ME
Sebago Lake, ME

This resort boasts several fun activities, including swimming and lounging at the beach, fishing, a water park obstacle course, and a dazzlingly beautiful 18-hole golf course that no golfer would be content to miss out on. Also, if you’re into pickleball and mini-golf, they’ve got you taken care of. Click here for the list of amenities and important info.

If you have any questions about this park or any parks in our program, please don’t hesitate to call us at (800)-681-6810.

Happy Camping & Safe Travels,

-Mitch Siemens

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