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Ambassador Spotlight: The Party of 6

Meet the McHones!

We are the McHone family, The Party of 6! We’re full-time travelers homeschooling and exploring across the USA creating content and encouraging families to adventure together & explore more!! We sold our belongings to live with less & travel more in our 42 ft motor-home with our 4 kids laughing & documenting as we go!

Q: How did you hear about Passport America and what is your favorite part?

A: We were traveling with another full time RV family who used Passport America for booking their campgrounds and they told us all about it and how we should sign up so we could save 50% off campgrounds too! Our favorite part is saving so much money camping that it allows us to stay in budget so we can keep traveling!!

Q: What made you and your family decide to go full time?

A: We’ve always said we wanted to RV around the USA when we retired but with Tiffany’s health we weren’t sure if we’d be able to travel by then. Plus Ryan traveled for work and missed out on so much. Our kids were young and Tiffany was still able so we decided to go for it now, why wait!!

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give someone wanting to hit the road?

A: DO IT!!! What are you waiting for?! If you buy used get an inspection, this definitely saved us!

Q: What is one dream destination you would like to visit?

A: That’s a hard one! We’ve been to 39 states in the RV and there are definitely places we want to go back to, our family loves to hike!! We’d love to RV in Alaska, Mexico and rent an RV in Hawaii!! One day we’d love to do some international travel as a family, there’s so much left to explore!!

Q: (Kiddos) Who is the better cook? Mom or Dad?

A: Dad!! He cooks but mom is a great baker!! (This was a funny one because they didn’t want to hurt my feelings ha! Bryson even said “do I have to answer this one?” Ryan loves to cook and is amazing at it! His mom owned a very successful bakery for 25 years so it’s in his genes! I just eat to live and have so many food intolerance’s that I can’t taste what I’m preparing for them so dad definitely gets this one! But he doesn’t bake and I love to do that so it’s a win win for the kiddos!)

Q: (Kiddos) What are some fun activities you like to do on the road?

A: We love to hike, we’ve been to 33 National Parks!! We also love visiting museums and exploring new places!!


Be sure to follow The Party of 6 for more traveling adventures and fun!

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